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9:51 am
Fri July 19, 2013

Byline Today: Kentucky Shakespeare, Shanklin Removal Trial Developments and More

A heated exchange just before the removal trial of Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is being accused of trying to censoring faculty while still in office. These stories and more on Byline this afternoon.

WFPL's Phillip Bailey will discuss a heated exchange between Shanklin's attorney and County Attorney Mike O'Connell this week. He'll also give us the latest on the U.S. Senate race.

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Shots - Health News
9:32 am
Fri July 19, 2013

White House Muddles Obamacare Messaging — Again

President Obama walks off the stage after speaking about the Affordable Care Act during an event in the East Room of the White House on Thursday. Obama argued that the law is holding insurance companies accountable and putting money back into the pockets of consumers.
Susan Walsh AP

Originally published on Sat July 20, 2013 6:13 am

This summer was supposed to be a time to reintroduce the public to the Affordable Care Act and teach people how to sign up for benefits this fall.

But that's not what's happening.

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6:57 am
Fri July 19, 2013

Considering the City in 2038 Through Vision Louisville

Credit Creative Commons

All too often we live life on a single course, taking one thing after another as it comes. It’s rare when we take a break to consider our futures, or to express a vision for what we might become.

As Helen Keller once wrote, “The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.” The same is true of cities. That is why the current Vision Louisville process is an exciting opportunity to think of what our city could be like in 25 years.

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6:56 am
Fri July 19, 2013

Part-Time Workers Say Schedules Are Getting More Erratic

Part-time jobs have been proliferating this year as employers hold back on hiring.

Originally published on Thu July 18, 2013 8:29 am

In the 1980s, a popular fast-food commercial touted chicken-breast sandwiches — and mocked chicken nuggets sold by competitors.

In the ad, a competitor's doofus clerk explains nuggets. "All the parts are crammed into one big part," he said. "And parts is parts."

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6:29 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Council Court Delays Ruling on Mayor Greg Fischer Subpoena in Barbara Shanklin Removal Trial

The chair of the Metro Council Court is holding off on deciding whether Mayor Greg Fischer will be compelled to testify at the removal trial of embattled Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin next week.

The councilwoman faces removal from her District 2 council seat for ethics violations that the commission ruled she committed. Shanklin has denied any wrongdoing, but a Charging Committee of five fellow city lawmakers filed a petition seeking her removal from office.

At issue are allegations that Shanklin misused taxpayers money to benefit her friends and family through an upholstery program for ex-offenders. She also faces charges that she controlled public funds allocated to the Petersburg-Newburg Improvement Association given she was a board member who signed for the group's checks.

In a series of rulings, Council President Jim King, who chairs the court, granted subpoenas for witnesses including Shanklin's relatives, city officials and two members of the Metro Ethics Commission.

Attorney Aubrey Williams, who is representing Shanklin, blasted King and Jefferson County Mike O'Connell at a conference earlier this week over what he says have been unfair proceedings.

The subpoenas of nine witnesses on Williams's list were denied due to a lack of issuances, but King did not deny the one for Fischer. Rather, he is questing Shanklin's legal counsel provide more information on why the mayor is being summoned.

"The court reserves ruling on the request for issuance of subpoenas for (Greg Fischer) until (Williams) satisfies the court of the necessity of such subpoenas," King said in the ruling.

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6:24 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Alison Lundergan Grimes Says She Disagrees With Obama on Coal, Parts of Obamacare

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Kentucky Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes says she disagrees with portions of the federal healthcare overhaul, but voting to repeal it is a waste of time.

Republicans in the House have voted dozens of times to repeal the law, but the movement hasn't gained traction in the Senate. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell—who Grimes is seeking to unseat from the Senate next year— has attempted to tie her candidacy to President Obama and his policies, including the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare).

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Local News
5:14 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Kentucky Targets Frequent Emergency Room Users Through National Program

Credit Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons author Thierry Geoffroy.

Kentucky is one of six states along with Puerto Rico that will participate in a program to help drive down medical costs by targeting frequent healthcare system users.

The National Governors Association introduced the Developing State-Level Capacity to Support Super-Utilizers policy academy to help train officials from participating states to develop plans that can serve as policy drivers, but which may also serve patients who could benefit from less costly, more appropriate treatment.

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Local News
5:08 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Louisville Considers Extending Brownsboro Road Diet to Hillcrest Avenue

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is considering extending the project that reduced part of Brownsboro Road to three lanes.

The original Brownsboro Road Diet was completed last year. It modified a half-mile stretch of the road in the city’s Clifton neighborhood...changing it from four lanes to two, with a middle turning lane and a sidewalk. Now, the city is considering expanding the project to Hillcrest Avenue.

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4:51 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Senate Committee Discusses Value of Addressing Climate Change

Superstorm Sandy.

Last month, President Obama released details of his plan to reduce carbon pollution, echoing 98 percent of scientists who say there’s overwhelming evidence that climate change is real, and it’s being influenced by human activities. But at a Senate committee hearing today, the debate shifted from whether climate change is real to whether it’s worth addressing.

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The Two-Way
4:25 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

EPA, Labor Nominees Confirmed

Originally published on Thu July 18, 2013 4:07 pm

By 59-40 vote mostly along party lines, the Senate on Thursday afternoon confirmed Gina McCarthy as the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

That followed a 54-46 vote early in the day to confirm Thomas Perez as Labor secretary.

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