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Local News
6:00 am
Thu May 30, 2013

What You Need to Know About the Ohio River Bridges Project

An artists rendition of the new downtown crossing.
Credit Ohio River Bridges Project

Over the next several weeks, construction on the Ohio River Bridges Project will accelerate.

Here's what the Louisville area needs to know about where this project has been, where it stands now and what is to be expected in the future.

Kentucky and Indiana officials broke ground Wednesday on the East End section of what will be a years-long overhaul to the region’s interstate system. What comes next will be more workers taking to the sites, traffic changes, final decisions on tolling and more. 

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5:22 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Neighborhood Leader Troubled by Councilman David James' Crime Crackdown in Victory Park

LMPD Major Bill Kristofeck and California neighborhood leader Michael Ballard argue about policing in Victory Park
Credit Phillip M. Bailey/WFPL

Louisville Metro Councilman David James, D-6, joined police officers on a safety walk in the Victory Park area to alert residents about increased enforcement this summer, but neighborhood leaders worry the heavier presence will result in harassment and profiling.

Metro Police knocked on doors throughout the California neighborhood on Tuesday passing out fliers about cracking down on gambling, firearms and alcohol consumption in the park.  The officers will also put a particular focus on drug sales in Victory Park, which has synonymous with a well-known street gang over the years.

Since the late 1990s, members of a group dubbed the Victory Park Crips have been involved in several high-profiled shootings and homicides in the city (here, here, and here) and are known to operate in and around the area.

James says residents are committed to taking back the park from gang members, however.

"Families that live in this area want to be able to be in the park without bad things going on in the park," he says. "They want to be in the park without people drinking in the park; they want to be in the park without people shooting dice in the park; and they want to be in the park without people selling drugs in the park. They want to be able to live in their neighborhood and in safe environment just like everybody else in this community."

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Local News
4:41 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Aromatherapy Group Challenging New Indiana 'Lookalike' Drug Law


A trade group says Indiana’s efforts to curb "lookalike" drugs have gone too far.

The National Association of Aromatherapy Product Producers and Vendors filed suit in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis on Wednesday seeking to block the measure that lawmakers passed last month.

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3:30 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Pension Obligations 'Absolutely' On The Minds Of JCPS Officials

Credit File photo

Jefferson County Public Schools may eventually owe more than $1 billion in pension obligations over the long run, but the details—including the exact amount—are still unclear, officials say.

During the JCPS school board meeting this week, Chief Financial Officer Cordelia Hardin said the district is aware of the potential financial burden that has been caused by the state’s poor management of its pension system.

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2:22 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Builder Hopes Sustainable Home Will Be a Model for Future Houses

Sy Safi on the porch of his model home.
Erica Peterson WFPL

Construction is finished on what could be the most sustainable home in the city, and  the home builder hopes to re-create his sustainable house in other areas.

Sy Safi’s model home is just outside the Gene Snyder Freeway, near Fern Creek. It looks like most of the other houses in this partially-finished subdivision. But Safi’s home is different.

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1:37 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Mitch McConnell Campaign Focuses on IRS Scandal in New Web Ad

A new online advertisement from U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell's reelection campaign focuses on the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS—an issue the campaign says it's not going to let slip out of the public discourse.

The nearly three minute ad uses speeches from McConnell on the IRS issue before it became a national controversy, as well as media reports and testimony from IRS officials to Congress. 

It also includes a sound bite from former President Richard Nixon speaking in an interview he did on the Watergate scandal during his term as president—a comparison between Nixon and President Barack Obama.

In an interview, McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton says that  neither the senator nor his campaign will allow the IRS targeting to stray too far away from the 24/7 news cycle nationally or in Kentucky. 

"This is very important, that we get answers, that we get to the very bottom of this," Benton says. "And we set a very clear example and clear standard that people of various political backgrounds and stripes can come together and say "we're never going to accept this ever again."

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Local News
1:33 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Indiana Launching Outside Review of ISTEP Problems

Indiana Public Media

Indiana's Department of Education is seeking an outside review of the ISTEP exam administered this academic year following a series of computer glitches that will likely delay test results until this summer.

Agency spokesman Daniel Altman says it has begun the process of selecting an independent evaluator to assess the test's validity. Test contractor CTB/McGraw-Hill says problems with the online exam this month would likely delay results until July.

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10:44 am
Wed May 29, 2013

Heather French Henry Calls for Political 'Time Out' After GOP Attack

Heather French Henry
Credit Wikipedia Commons

In a scolding blog post, former Miss America Heather French Henry calls out the Republican Party of Kentucky for calling her the latest "bottom-of-the-barrel pick" for the U.S. Senate race.

Henry is the latest rumored opponent for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, and she recently confirmed that Democrats have approached her about running.

Others include environmental activist Tom FitzGerald, music promoter Bennie J. Smith and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The news of Henry's possible candidacy has been mocked by national and state GOP leaders for the most part, but a comment from RPK spokeswoman Kelsey Cooper has upset Henry personally.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

"Heather French Henry is just the latest bottom-of-the-barrel pick for Kentucky Democrats in their desperate search for a 2014 Senate race savior to replace their noncommittal star, Alison Lundergan Grimes," Kelsey Cooper, a spokeswoman for the state GOP, said via email.

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Deceptive Cadence
9:58 am
Wed May 29, 2013

Then The Curtain Opened: The Bracing Impact Of Stravinsky's 'Rite'

An image from the 2013 production of Le Sacre du Printemps by the Joffrey Ballet, Chicago, reflects the hard jumps and stamps of Vaslav Nijinsky's original choreography.
Herbert Migdoll Joffrey Ballet

Originally published on Sat May 25, 2013 1:19 pm

One hundred years ago this week, a ballet premiered that changed the art world. Igor Stravinsky's Le Sacre du PrintempsThe Rite of Spring — was first seen by the public on May 29, 1913, in Paris. As the orchestra played The Rite's swirling introduction, the audience at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées began to murmur. Then the curtain opened.

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