Financial Basics For Baby Boomers
9:47 am
Tue April 2, 2013

Deciding The Right Time To Claim Social Security

The importance of making a smart decision on how and when benefits are claimed can't be underestimated, says Mary Beth Franklin of Investment News.

Originally published on Tue April 2, 2013 8:45 am

When it comes to claiming Social Security benefits, there is no magic age. Today's boomers can begin collecting full benefits at 66, tap in early for a modified benefit at 62 or delay receiving benefits until 70.

But the importance of making a smart decision on how and when benefits are claimed can't be underestimated, says Mary Beth Franklin of Investment News.

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It's All Politics
6:59 am
Tue April 2, 2013

Judicial Vacancies Languish On Key Federal Appeals Court

President Obama last month withdrew the nomination of Caitlin J. Halligan to the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., after her nomination was blocked by Senate Republicans.
Jim McKnight AP

Originally published on Tue April 2, 2013 7:42 am

The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., is sometimes called the second most important court in the country, regularly delivering the final word on major environmental, labor and national security cases.

But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has a whopping four vacancies, the most in the nation, including one opening that dates all the way back to 2005, when John Roberts moved to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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The Picture Show
6:48 am
Tue April 2, 2013

Finding Beauty In A Baseball, After The Last Pitch

From Don Hamerman's series Baseballs.
Courtesy of Don Hamerman

Originally published on Wed April 3, 2013 10:17 am

As a new season of Major League Baseball begins, one photographer focuses on baseballs past — that is, baseballs that have lain dormant well after their last pitch.

For years, photographer Don Hamerman walked his dog near an old baseball diamond in Stamford, Conn. And in all different seasons, in all kinds of weather, Hamerman picked up old baseballs.

He brought them back to his studio, where they sat around for years until he finally decided to start photographing them in 2005.

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Local News
10:00 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Kentucky Wildcats Lose to UConn in Elite Eight

The Kentucky Wildcats women’s basketball team was lost their bid Monday for their first Final Four appearance.

The No. 2 seed Wildcats lost 83-53 to the UConn Huskies in Bridgeport, Conn., ending UK’s most successful season in history with a 30-6 record and a second-place regular season finish in the Southeastern Conference.

It’s the second straight year UK lost to UConn in the Elite Eight.

A'dia Mathies led the Wildcats with 14 points.

UConn will play the winner of Tuesday’s game between Duke and Notre Dame.

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Local News
5:19 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Attendance Drops for Louisville Bats Games, Record Losses, Heat to Blame

Around 9,000 fans attend each Louisville Bats game on average.

For the first time in nearly a decade, officials have noticed a significant drop in attendance at Louisville Bats games.

The club is still one of the best nationwide at getting fans to the ballpark, but attendance and officials are hoping new talent can put them back on top.

On average around 9,000 fans attend each Bats game. That’s kept them in the top five cities nationwide for attendance out of nearly 175 minor league ball clubs. While the attendance dropped by just a few hundred on average, 8,700, it was enough to get the team's attention.

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5:08 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

JCPS Alerts Teachers of Potential Job Cuts to Early Childhood Educators

Credit File photo

The federal sequestration may lead to cuts to early childhood education staff in Jefferson County Public Schools.

The Jefferson County Teachers Association confirms that JCPS alerted principals last week that up to 100 early childhood educators could be cut, though district officials say it's still too early to tell.

A teacher told the union her principal and a JCPS official informed staff that cuts could be possible, says JCTA deputy executive director James Hughley who later confirmed the JCPS email sent to principals.

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Local News
4:48 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Western Kentucky Officially Joins Conference USA

An increased opportunity to land spots in football bowl games appears to be a major factor behind WKU's move to Conference USA. The school announced this afternoon it will leave the Sun Belt conference and compete in C-USA starting in the summer of 2014.

Conference USA currently has five bowl game contracts, though those deals have to be re-negotiated heading into the 2014 season. WKU will join other former members of the Sun Belt in C-USA, including Middle Tennessee and Florida International.

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Local News
4:31 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Attorney General Finds UK Violated Open Records Law


WUKY first reported in December that UK Healthcare was no longer performing cardiothoracic surgeries on children and that the program was under review. The university would not say what prompted the review or when surgeries would resume.

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4:28 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Business Owner Plans Produce Truck to Serve Louisville Food Deserts

Vassil Wikimedia Commons

The owner of a store that sells local fruits and vegetables in Louisville is raising money to bring his products to areas of the city that don’t have easy access to fresh produce.

Root Cellar owner Ron Smith launched his campaign on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. He already owns stores in Old Louisville and Germantown, but now he has plans for a mobile store.

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Local News
3:38 pm
Mon April 1, 2013

Rick Pitino: Kevin Ware Expected to Join Louisville Cardinals for Final Four

Rick Pitino
Credit Creative Commons

Injured guard Kevin Ware is doing well the day after breaking his right leg in a Final Four game against the Duke Blue Devils, Coach Rick Pitino said on Monday.

"He's up and about—he's actually on crutches walking," Pitino said. "They want his blood flowing. The only thing they're concerned about at this point in the next 48 hours because the bone comes out of the skin they're concerned about a five or ten percent chance of infection. If no infection takes place, they'll be very excited."

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