3:38 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Poll: Majority of Small Business Owners Support EPA Nominee, Clean Energy Policies

Gina McCarthy

A Senate committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow on President Obama’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. And according to a poll released today, nominee Gina McCarthy is supported by a narrow majority of small business owners.

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Local News
3:29 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Gov. Pence Signs Indiana Budget Bill Into Law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed the state's new two-year, $30 billion budget into law.

Pence says the plan includes $600 million a year in tax relief for Indiana residents and will boost investment in the state.

The budget approved April 27 by the Republican-led General Assembly includes a modest increase in school funding, new money for roads and highways and roughly $350 million in income tax cuts.

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3:14 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

When a Young Louisville Reporter Searched for F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre

The 1925 cover of The Great Gatsby.

Thirty-nine years ago, as a very young Courier-Journal reporter, I traveled south by train to Montgomery, Ala., to connect with the world that novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, knew in the early part of the 20th Century. The “peg” for the feature stories I planned to write was the opening that spring of what was then the latest screen version of “The Great Gatsby,” a multi-million dollar adaptation starring Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Sam Waterston and Bruce Dern.

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3:06 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Senator Dan Coats Joins Effort to End So-Called 'Obama Phones' Program

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats, R-In.,

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats, R-In., is joining an effort to cut funding for a program aimed at expanding telephone service for the poor, which was attacked as the "Obama phones" program during the 2012 elections.

The Lifeline Program provides discounts on monthly telephone services for low-income consumers in order to ensure they have access to things such as 911 emergency services.

During last year's presidential campaign, however, conservatives pounced on the program after a supporter falsely claimed the Obama campaign was passing out free cell phones. 

The "Obama phones" meme gained a foothold in search engines and political narratives despite the fact it was created in 1984 under President Ronald Reagan.

Still, lawmakers are taking aim at the program in a bill being sponsored by Republican Senators David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Coats says the program has ballooned under President Obama took office, expanding to include wireless service providers and spending increases from $143 million 2008 to $2.2 billion in 2012.

"Too often, Washington creates a program that may be well-intended, but ends up costing taxpayers more money because of poor implementation and a lack of oversight," Coats said in a news release. "As many Hoosiers and middle class Americans continue to struggle in this economy, they shouldn’t have to pay for a program littered with fraud that subsidizes free cell phones. I will continue to push Congress and the administration to examine every federal program to find ways we can be more efficient and save taxpayer dollars."

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The Two-Way
3:01 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Air Force Strips 17 Officers Of Nuclear Missile Launch Authority

A Minuteman III missile inside its silo about 60 miles from Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.
USAF Getty Images

Originally published on Wed May 8, 2013 2:19 pm

Seventeen Air Force officers with control over nuclear missiles have had that authority suspended after receiving poor reviews on their mastery of launch operations, The Associated Press reports in an exclusive.

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Much of the music you hear on WFPL comes from our national programs. This American Life, Morning Edition and the others send music along with their stories and segments. But the rest of the music you'll hear on WFPL comes from local musicians. 

If you heard a song on WFPL and you want to know more about it, look for it below and click through for artist information. 

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Local News
2:30 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Beshear Wants to Call Fall Special Session on Redistricting

Kentucky Governor's Office

It appears likely that Governor Beshear will call a special session of the Kentucky General Assembly to redraw legislative districts for the House and Senate.   The governor says details are still being worked out.

"I’m talking with legislative leaders in the House and Senate right now," Beshear said.   "And I think everybody, if we can work it out, would probably like to do it in the fall and let everybody have the summer while kids are out of school and they have some vacation time, and then wait until we get in back in school before we have the special session."

2:06 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Jack Conway, Hal Rogers Protest Urban Outfitters' Prescription Bottle Merchandise

Two Kentucky elected leaders are joining their peers in asking a national clothing retailer to stop selling questionable pint and shot glasses.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers are asking retailer Urban Outfitters to stop selling an array of pint glasses, shot glasses and flasks that are made to look like prescription pill bottles.

The two men have consistently fought for laws to reduce Kentucky's prescription pill epidemic on both the state and federal levels.

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It's All Politics
1:05 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Poll: Obama Approval Up, Effectiveness Down; GOP In Doldrums

Originally published on Wed May 8, 2013 12:34 pm

President Obama's job approval has inched up in recent weeks, but the percentage of Americans who say they believe he is effective has taken a hit, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday.

And while the image of Republican leadership remains "deeply negative," and continues bearing the brunt of the blame for Washington gridlock, the survey found that the GOP runs even with Democrats on the key issues of the economy, immigration and guns.

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Local News
12:26 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

NBA Supporter J. Bruce Miller Forges Ahead; Critic Calls on Louisville to Back Away

J. Bruce Miller
Credit Devin Katayama/WFPL

The release of a Greater Louisville Inc. study executive summary questioning the support for an NBA franchise among the city's corporations appears to be a hurdle for advocates of professional basketball in Louisville, but a longtime NBA supporter says he's undeterred—and that the prospects are far from dead.

For decades, Louisville attorney J. Bruce Miller has involved himself in the pursuit of an NBA franchise for Louisville. 

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