Ofeibea Quist-Arcton is a journalist and broadcaster from Ghana who reports for NPR News on issues and developments related to West Africa. She spent her early years in Ghana, Italy, Britain and Kenya.

Quist-Arcton has lived and worked in the U.K., France, Ivory Coast, U.S., South Africa and most recently Senegal, traveling all over Africa as a journalist, broadcaster, commentator and host.

After completing high school in Britain, she took a degree in French studies with international relations and Spanish at the London School of Economics (LSE) and went on to study radio journalism at the Polytechnic of Central London, with two internships at the BBC.

The Salt
6:30 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Romanian Horse Meat In British Lasagna Reveals Complex Global Food Trade

Not all countries in Europe shun horse meat, as the sign above this butcher shop in Paris attests. But horse-eating Europeans still don't like being swindled.
Jacques Brinon AP

Originally published on Sat February 16, 2013 7:35 am

How did the Romanian horse meat wind up in the British spaghetti sauce? Follow its path, and you'll get a quick tutorial in the complexities of the global food trade.

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Local News
5:27 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Failing Schools; State News; Pondering Taxes; Downtown Vacancies: Today on Byline

Here's the rundown for Byline today:

At the top - Kentucky’s education commissioner says some low-performing Jefferson County public schools face a state takeover if they don’t show progress soon.  We discuss the status of the schools, his remarks, and the JCPS response with education reporter Devin Katayama.

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5:10 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Section of Louisville Loop Near Cane Run Closed for Two Weeks

A section of the Louisville Loop will be closed for two weeks, starting on Monday.

The Louisville Loop is the partially-finished bicycle path around the city. When it's finished, it will be about 100 miles, but right now it's only continuous along the Ohio River near downtown and into Southwest Louisville.

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4:33 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Indiana House Budget Plan Doesn't Include Pence Tax Cut

A state budget plan put forth by Indiana House Republicans would swap a $500 million tax cut sought by Gov. Mike Pence for new spending on education and transportation.

Details of the two-year budget proposal released today  would increase K through12 funding by 2 percent the first year and 1 percent the second year.

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Krulwich Wonders...
4:28 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

A Crazy But Rational Solution To Our Electoral College Problem

Courtesy of Fake Is The New Real

Originally published on Fri February 15, 2013 2:26 pm

Let's pretend. Let's pretend that politics doesn't matter, politicians don't matter, history doesn't matter, nostalgia doesn't matter, emotion doesn't matter, habit doesn't matter, romance doesn't matter, prejudice doesn't matter — all that matters is good old rational, mathematical, look-at-the-numbers common sense.

And now let's look at the Electoral College.

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Arts and Humanities
3:55 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

A Killer Role: Million Dollar Quartet's Touring Jerry Lee

Ben Goddard as Jerry Lee Lewis in "Million Dollar Quartet."
Credit Paul Natkin / Broadway Across America

Ben Goddard, who plays Jerry Lee Lewis (and plays piano like him, too) talked with WFPL's Erin Keane yesterday about the touring life, acting vs. impressions, playing an American icon and growing up in England with rock and roll. The show plays at the Kentucky Center through Sunday, Feb. 17.

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Local News
3:46 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

JCPS Board to Holliday: Talk to Us Before Media

Commissioner Terry Holliday used the words "academic genocide" while referring the JCPS' failure to adequately turn around student achievement at some schools.

Jefferson County Public Schools officials have released the following letter to media regarding comments made by Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday.

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Local News
2:49 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Pitino Again a Finalist for Basketball Hall of Fame

WFPL file photo
Rick Howlett

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is once again a finalist for election to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Pitino is among 12 finalists for the Class of 2013; others include former players Tim Hardaway and Gary Payton, and former coaches Jerry Tarkanian and Guy Lewis.

The U of L coach, who has taken three different schools to the Final Four and won a championship at Kentucky in 1996, was also a finalist last year but did not make the final cut.

Local News
2:21 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

John David Dyche Quits Courier-Journal After Column is Rejected

John David Dyche
Credit fmhd.com

Conservative columnist John David Dyche will no longer write for The Courier-Journal after the newspaper rejected a piece he'd written that suggested reforms to the editorial page and that the paper disclose political affiliations of editors and reporters.

On Monday, Courier-Journal Editorial Director Pam Platt told Dyche that his most recently submitted column would not be published. Platt explained that piece didn't reflect what he was supposed to be writing—a conservative take on the issues of the day, according to Dyche's transcript of a voicemail left by Platt.

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