3:20 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

EPA Tightens Soot Standard; Estimates Cleaner Air Will Save Billions in Health Costs

The smokestacks at LG&E's coal-fired Cane Run power plant.
Erica Peterson WFPL

The federal government has strengthened the national air quality standard for soot and fine particle pollution.

The new standard is 20 percent more stringent than the current standard, which was set in 1997. It will require communities to make sure fine particle pollution is limited to 12 micrograms per cubic meter annually (the current limit is 15).

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The Two-Way
1:39 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

Syrian Crisis: Turkey Getting Patriot Missiles, Some U.S. Troops To Operate Them

A U.S. Army Patriot Surface-to Air missile system on display in South Korea.
Kim Jae-Hwan AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Fri December 14, 2012 9:12 am

"The U.S. will send two batteries of Patriot missiles and 400 troops to Turkey as part of a NATO force meant to protect Turkish territory from a potential Syrian missile attack, the Pentagon said Friday." (The Associated Press)

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Arts and Humanities
12:59 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

REVIEW | 'The Kings of Christmas' Tells Familiar Story Slant

Christmas stories take the larger Nativity narrative—the arrival of an ambassador of peace, goodwill and redemption—and put the metaphor to work on individual transformations, those personal moments when generosity of spirit triumphs over our meaner, selfish natures. The best results are both heartwarming and as unique as the transformed individuals themselves.

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12:57 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

Kentucky Gets Federal Approval for State-Based Health Exchange

After months building a state-based health exchange, Kentucky officials have been told that the federal government has given approval to their work.

Despite objections from Republican lawmakers, Kentucky officials quickly began working on a state-based exchange --- a part of the Affordable Care Act.

Many states surrounding Kentucky are opting for a federal-run exchange or haven’t yet made a decision.

Because of that fast work, federal health official Chiquita Brooks-LeSure announced that Kentucky now has official government approval to continue their exchange.

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The Two-Way
12:08 pm
Fri December 14, 2012

Tragedy In Connecticut: 20 Children, 6 Adults Killed At Elementary School

In this photo provided by the Newtown Bee, Connecticut State Police lead children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., following a shooting there Friday.
Shannon Hicks Newtown Bee/AP

Originally published on Tue December 18, 2012 11:36 am

The nation watched in horror Friday as the scope of a tragedy in Newtown, Conn., became clear. As a visibly upset President Obama said at midafternoon, "our hearts are broken."

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11:59 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Mayor Greg Fischer Mum on Re-Election

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer hasn’t made a decision on whether he’ll run for re-election in 2014.

Fischer is among the rumored Democrats to run for Kentucky's U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. A survey by the North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling showed Fischer trailing McConnell by 5 points in a head-to-head contest.

Earlier this month, a mayoral spokesman told WFPL Fischer would announce his decision on re-election in January.

But when asked if he intends to run for a second term, Fischer says he will make an official decision next summer.

"I love this job. I'm inclined to do that, but I haven't made a decision yet," he says. "I’ve got a great job here. There’s a lot of work to do, and I plan to do this and hopefully more in future. We get great feedback from people and we got a lot of work to do, and we got a great team too."

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Local News
11:53 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Shawnee Library Opens 'College Shop' to Community

The Shawnee branch library recently renovated its space to double the size and upgrade its technology.

Louisville is adding more college-going resources to the city’s West End with the announcement of a partnership between the Shawnee branch library and the University of Louisville to create the first “College Shop.”

"What a lot of people need is they just need somebody telling them you can do it, and we're here to help," said Mayor Greg Fischer.

Inside the newly renovated Shawnee Library there are four laptops that are only to be used for college preparation and planning. This includes financial aid completion and placement test preparation.

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The Two-Way
11:07 am
Fri December 14, 2012

'We've Got Bigger Fish To Fry' Than Going After Pot Smokers, Obama Says

A woman, identified only as "Hurricane," lights up in Seattle. Washington state's law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana went into effect on Dec. 6.
Cliff Despeaux Reuters /Landov

Originally published on Fri December 14, 2012 9:57 am

It looks like the feds will not be worrying much about those folks who choose to smoke pot in Colorado and Washington state, where new laws decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

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9:22 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Farewell, Bosses: A Wave Of Young Entrepreneurs

To save money, 30-year-old Alisha Mustafa runs her small pie-making business out of the kitchen of another restaurant.
Mustafa Pie Co.

Originally published on Fri December 14, 2012 5:33 am

Thirty-year-old Alisha Mustafa spent years working at low-paying restaurant jobs. The unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent in her hometown of Bloomington, Ind.

"I've worked it all in this town," she says. "I've worked for so many restaurants, and last year was my year from hell in the industry."

So, she quit and started her own business. Now, she spends most days baking treats like gluten-free strawberry mango pie for her business, Mustafa Pie Co.

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Local News
7:00 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Researching? Bored? Library Offers Free Newspaper Archives Going Back to 1800s

Credit Wikipedia Commons

The Louisville Free Public Library has a new online resource for students working on term papers, history buffs and people suffering from debilitating holiday vacation boredom.

Archives from local, regional and national newspapers -- reaching as far back as the early 1800s -- are now available on the library's website.

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