For Tea Party strategist Jesse Benton, politics and family are one in the same.

The grandson of former Congressman Ron Paul and nephew of Senator Rand Paul, Benton was hired to run the re-election of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell last fall.

Three years ago, Benton worked on his uncle’s successful Senate bid that included a primary victory over a McConnell-backed GOP candidate.

It was a shrewd move on Team Mitch’s part to blunt vocal criticism from the Tea Party.

Like his boss, Benton acknowledges the campaign still has Tea Party critics, however, he doesn’t expect a credible primary challenger will arise.

McConnell is also the target of Democratic activists and super PACs in the state and across the country.

It makes Kentucky one of the top Senate races in 2014, and actress Ashley Judd appears to be sharpening her political knives and could announce in the coming weeks.

Benton addressed a potential Judd candidacy, polling numbers and the pressure running a presidential style campaign in Kentucky, as well as why voters should re-elect McConnell.