When asked about his documentary debut, Louisville filmmaker Shawnell Harrison is direct about why he chose to tackle the razing of the historic Sheppard Square housing complex as his first project.

The 35-year-old director wanted residents to purge their feelings about the demolition and life in the projects, and Harrison's style dived into the Smoketown neighborhood where he received a raw and emotional reaction. Several residents offered him their explicit love and disdain for the 70-year-old housing project, including criticism of how the housing authority, Metro Police and media view them.

The last resident was relocated in March and demolition began in June, which leaves Sheppard Square as mostly rubble now. Construction of new homes has recently started near the former housing development that will pave the way for a mixed-income neighborhood.

Below is an excerpt of Harrison's film.

The country is still mourning the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, but any debate about the use of firearms has appeared to have gone nowhere fast. Save New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a handful of Democratic members of Congress there hasn't been a gun debate in the aftermath.

Gun control advocates blame the tight grip of the National Rifle Association, while gun enthusiasts point out that putting more restrictions on law abiding citizens leads to little and the country has reached consensus.

For the second half of the show, I talked to Democratic activist Shawn Reilly and gun range manager Eric Norris about the impasse in the Second Amendment debate and if there's any room for compromise.