Summer brings with it the big Hollywood blockbusters, which more and more are based on the characters and stories in comic books.

The genre of made up for 14 percent of box office sales last year with iconic and lesser known figures. Beneath the spandex of super heroes, however, are important themes.

Whether it’s street crime, metal illness or racial discrimination, comics have put those topics at the forefront of their issues for decades.

Fiction has also often been used to highlight history real life politics, and comics are no different.

Many films go beyond their cartoon stereotypes and speak to overreaching and sometimes tyrannical governments. But observers have questioned if politics and comics really do or should mix.

Comic book lovers Kevlen X, Eli Keel and WFPK’s Sean Cannon dropped by to share their thoughts on why these characters make for the best storytelling, and what their rising popularity says about our culture and politics.