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Planned Parenthood of Indiana has won an administrative victory in its opposition to a state law that seeks to block Medicaid funding for the reproductive services organization.

But the standoff with the state over the 2011 statute is far from over.

A federal hearing officer has upheld an earlier ruling by Medicaid officials that the state law denies women the freedom to choose their health care providers.

The law prohibits Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funds for low-income patients because it provides abortions.   Planned Parenthood argues the state law would deprive women of other services it provides, such as cancer screenings, and federal law already prohibits using Medicaid funds for abortions in most cases.

In a separate court case, Planned Parenthood obtained an injunction blocking enforcement of the law pending the outcome of a lawsuit.   The case is now before a federal appeals court.

Rick Howlett is WFPL's Broadcast Managing Editor and also produces feature and general assignment radio stories.