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Jan. 19 is the last day to file a detour-mileage claim with the Paducah & Louisville Railway stemming from the Oct. 29 train derailment in southwestern Jefferson County.

P&L Railway has made 5,000 reimbursements to people affected by the train derailment for out-of-pocket expenses for matters such as mileage, childcare and relocation, P&L said. The rail company has also reimbursed first-responders and schools for some costs.

The mileage claims are available because Dixie Highway was closed for several days after the area near the train derailment site was evacuated, causing people who used the highway to take longer routes.

After Jan. 19, P&L Railway will only process claims from business losses, evacuee expenses and the costs of first responders, a spokeswoman for the company said.

People seeking to file a mileage claim or a claim related to the evacuation should call  (800) 786-5204, P&L said.

The P&L spokeswoman adds:

… (T)hat number is answered by claims handlers who provide information about what claims are being paid and the documents that need to be provided. Then callers will be mailed a form, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope in which to return the completed form and other required documentation. Once the claims office has all the necessary information, a check will be mailed to the claimant.

People with business claims should call (502) 492-5937.