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Louisville’s Theatre [502] continues its third season this week with a speculative war thriller set in a fast food restaurant. Written by Eliza Clark, “Edgewise” is set in a near-future dystopian America in the grips of a global war. Against this chaotic backdrop, three teenagers report to work at a fast-food burger chain. 

“Somebody’s got to turn the fryers on,” says director Mike Brooks. “Folks are going to work and they’re going to hit the drive-thru whether there’s an air strike going on or not.” 

When a stranger with uncertain allegiances enters their restaurant, the war comes home in a difficult way. “Edgewise” is a thriller, which is a genre you don’t see too often on American stages. 

“Eliza Clark wrote for ‘Rubicon,’ a great show on AMC,” says Brooks. “She understands the genre and how to keep tension building. This is a page-turner in your seat.”

“Edgewise” opens Friday and runs through August 24 at the Clifton Center.

Earlier this week, WFPL’s Erin Keane spoke with Brooks, who is also co-artistic director of the company, about war, speculative fiction, and how to stage a thriller on a small stage.