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  Do you ever feel like time is slipping away? Today's very cool thing: a time-lapse tour of Louisville. Eric Stemen started by photographing Louisville from the Indiana side of the Second Street Bridge one day last year, almost by accident

The day was unusually warm and by the evening the temperature was still in the low 60’s instead of the usual low 40’s.  Around the same time I started a new job and one of the employees was into shooting timelapses.  I already had the gear to do some motion control timelapses, but had never learned how to use it until I started at Videobred and had a few days that were pretty slow at work.  I’m not sure what makes someone stick with a hobby or long term “passion project” but having a success or victory early on probably helps.

The final video includes 79 locations around Louisville, out of 120 shot. In case you're thinking about tackling your own, here's the time investment: the project took Stemen 357 hours to complete. That breaks down to about 208 hours of shooting time, 119 in editing and color correcting and another 30 hours of final file exporting and analytics.

Stemen documents his process in passages that sound almost like science fiction when taken out of context: 

Once warp stabilizer had done it’s thing, to my surprise the hyperlapse worked flawlessly and would become one of my most used methods of timelapsing.

Bonus Louisville: the video features music by Interstates. Cheers to passion projects. 

Louisville In Motion. A timelapse tour of Louisville Kentucky. from Eric Stemen on Vimeo.