Arts and Culture

Is Portland the new Nulu? With artists and companies like Argo Networks relocating to the historic neighborhood near downtown, Portland’s walkable charm and potential (for now) for affordable art studio and performance space are creating significant buzz.

If you haven’t been to Portland in a while (or ever) and are curious about who’s already there and what’s on the way, “A Peek at Portland” will offer free neighborhood tours tomorrow (1-4 p.m.) to showcase Portland’s current artistic and entrepreneurial activity. 

The afternoon is organized by Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville and developer Gill Holland’s Portland Investment Initiative. In a release, they say: 

Portland is a working class neighborhood with a long and storied history in Louisville. It has incredible potential for anyone with a little ingenuity and an ability to see beyond the challenges. Less than one mile from downtown, along the river Portland has a great mix of residential, commercial, and alternative spaces in walkablebikeable neighborhood.

Tours begin at Habitat for Humanity Headquarters (1620 Bank Street) at 1 p.m., and a Mint Julep Tours circulator will run every 15-20 minutes between eight locations that will be open with residents and occupants on hand to share their stories, including the home studio of artist Che Rhodes, music and arts venue Nelligan Hall, Three Stones Center, the Hacker Hostel, Shine Contracting, Habitat for Humanity and Holland’s own Compassion Building.