Gabe Bullard

Director of News and Editorial Strategy

Gabe Bullard joined WFPL in 2008 as a reporter on the city politics beat. Since then, he's reported, blogged, hosted and edited during elections, severe weather and the Fairdale Sasquatch scare of 2009. Before coming to Louisville, Gabe lived in St. Louis, which was his home base for years of growing up, studying and interning at various media outlets around the country. 

Gabe is on leave on a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University a until June 2015. 


Local News
8:00 am
Wed March 26, 2014

Uber Seeking Drivers, Managers to Bring Car Service App to Louisville

The car service Uber is coming to Louisville, according to sources and the company's website. 

Uber uses an app to let users find and hire privately owned cars and pay for rides. Based in San Francisco, the 5-year-old company has been expanding rapidly, recently into nearby Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

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6:43 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

Walmart at 18th and Broadway in Louisville Expected to be Announced Monday

The former Philip Morris site at 18th and Broadway

A former Louisville Metro Councilwoman is saying a Walmart is coming to 18th and Broadway in Louisville, and an official announcement will be made Monday morning.

Denise Bentley, who left the council in 2005, posted to Facebook Friday saying "Walmart is coming to 18th and Broadway!"

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Local News
7:00 am
Sun March 16, 2014

No, Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman Didn't Plan the March to the Sea in Louisville

Credit Steve Wiser (used with permission)

At the corner of Second and Main streets in downtown Louisville, there's a historical marker honoring the old Galt House hotel* and its famous guests, among them, Union Army Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman (played here by Brian Cranston).

The plaque says "Sherman and Grant met here March, 1864 to plan invasion that led to the 'March to the Sea.'"

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7:00 am
Wed March 12, 2014

Did Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear Get Calls, Voicemails Regarding the Same-Sex Marriage Appeal?

Steve Beshear
Credit Rae Hodge/Kentucky Public Radio

When Gov. Steve Beshear announced that he would split with Attorney General Jack Conway and appeal a federal judge's ruling requiring Kentucky to recognize same sex marriage, he upset marriage-equality proponents, who took to Twitter. They encouraged followers to call the governor's office at (502) 564-2611 and leave a message.

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Local News
7:00 am
Sun March 9, 2014

Writer Alain du Botton on News, Media Literacy, and Whether Reporters Should Adjust Facts

Credit Wikimedia Commons

In the preface to The Mechanical Bride, media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s first book of popular culture analysis, the author writes that "A Descent Into the Maelstrom by Edgar Poe kept coming to mind. Poe’s sailor saved himself by studying the action of the whirlpool and by co-operating with it. The present book likewise makes few attempts to attack the very considerable currents and pressures set up around us today by the mechanical agencies of the press, radio, movies, and advertising. It does attempt to set the reader at the center of the revolving picture created by these affairs where he may observe the action that is in progress and in which everybody is involved. From the analysis of that action, it is hoped, many individual strategies may suggest themselves.”

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4:39 pm
Tue February 11, 2014

Rand Paul Says He Will Sue President Obama Over NSA Domestic Surveillance Program

RandPAC, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's political arm, has announced that the Republican lawmaker will join a class action lawsuit against President Barack Obama.

In a statement, Paul says the NSA's monitoring of American citizens violates the Fourth Amendment. He will file the suit in Washington D.C. Wednesday, then hold a press conference.

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2:47 pm
Fri February 7, 2014

Actually, Jackie Green Will Run for Louisville Mayor as a Write-In Candidate, Not an Independent

Jackie Green
Credit Devin Katayama / WFPL News

Jackie Green, a 2010 independent candidate for Louisville mayor,  put his hat back in the ring and announced he would run again as an independent.

But he can't.

Green is a registered Democrat, and is therefore ineligible to run as an independent. Instead, he'll run as a write-in candidate.

“This is a bit of a challenge because I will not be on the ballot," he says.

If a majority of voters write Green's name in on their ballots, he can claim the mayor's office.

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Local News
12:48 pm
Tue February 4, 2014

Watch the Ken Ham, Bill Nye Creationism/Evolution Debate Here

Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham and Science Guy Bill Nye are debating evolution and creationism tonight at 7 at Ham's Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

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Local News
12:17 pm
Mon February 3, 2014

Special Programs for February

February is the shortest month, but it's the most full of special public radio programming (at least so far for 2014).

To mark Black History Month, State of the Re:Union has a new season on redefining black history. We'll bring you a new episode every Thursday night at 9. 

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Local News
3:02 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

The Highlander Newspaper Is Closing

Another Louisville print publication is closing.

The Highlander, a free monthly paper available in neighborhoods in and around its namesake, will cease publication this week.

In a letter, editor and publisher Mary Jean Kirtley writes "we can no longer continue due to a lack of ad revenue and other resources. The January issue (now out) is our last."

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