Jonathan Bastian

Morning Edition Host

Jonathan Bastian is the host of Morning Edition on WFPL. He's also the host of, "Up Front with Jonathan Bastian," a weekly TV program, produced by WFPL, which airs on KY's PBS affiliate, KET.

Jonathan comes to WFPL from Aspen Public Radio, where he was the daily host of ‘All Things Considered.’

He’s also the founder and host of ‘Page by Page,’ a weekly interview program that was syndicated on multiple public radio stations across Colorado. He has interviewed many influential writers and thinkers, including Richard Russo, Sebastian Junger, Jim Lehrer, Jonathan Safran Foer, and many others. In 2011, he spoke with both winners of the Pulitzer Prize in fiction and non-fiction. His work has aired nationally on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ and been published on


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11:36 am
Tue October 23, 2012

"What it is Like to Go to War"

There's plenty of books about military history and strategy out there, but what about an in-depth, personalized account of just experiencing war?

This is exactly what Karl Marlantes created with, "What it is Like to Go to War." However, in many chapters, his story bends beyond the personal. He explores the psychological and cultural roots of war: Jung, myth, Indian Epics, etc..

I caught up with Marlantes during his recent trip to Louisville to discuss this book. Many readers might be familiar with his first book, the novel, "Matterhorn."

Local News
2:31 pm
Tue October 16, 2012

The End of Men: A ConversationWwith Hanna Rosin

Few books have been more discussed this year than Hanna Rosin's, "The End of Men: And the Rise of Women." Through reams of data and cultural arguments, she argues that women have been eclipsing men in the workplace because they're more adaptable and communicative in a changing, information-based economy.

But is this ultimately a good thing for women? Has it made them happier?  Have they finally achieved an equal status with men in the workplace? And....what about the future of men?

Local News
11:51 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Doctor, Christian, Environmentalist: Matthew Sleeth

Dr. Matthew Sleeth occupies an unusual — or diverse — role in contemporary America. He's trained as a doctor. But in the latter part of his life, he began to explore his faith as Christian. Specifically, he sought to understand the connection between the Bible and protecting the environment. In his books like, "The Green Bible," he argues that Christian morality is aligned with conservation and environmentalism. 

He's speaking Saturday (Oct.13) at the "Healthy Food, Local Farms" conference here in Louisville.

Local News
12:27 pm
Wed October 10, 2012

Ralph Nader on America's Nadir

Ralph Nader has always spoken his mind. Whether as a consumer advocate, lawyer, presidential candidate (with the Green Party), or supporter of dozens of causes, he's constantly trying to fix America.

In his latest book, “The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future," he's back it. His solutions run the gambit, ranging from tweaking the tax code to just getting more exercise through sports. 

He spoke with WFPL's Jonathan Bastian.

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6:00 am
Fri September 21, 2012

Poet Nikky Finney to Speak at IdeaFestival

Poet Nikky Finney
Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Nikky Finney established herself as one of America's preeminent poets after winning the National Book Award last year and delivering a rousing speech that paid tributes to her forebears. (Watch it here, read it here)