Laura Ellis


Laura has been with WFPL since 2004. During her time with the station she has booked talk shows, produced news specials, engineered remote broadcasts, shaped the minds of impressionable interns, and even changed diapers for guests whose babies accompanied them to the studio.

When she's not making radio, she's making a spectacle of herself on stage (or making theatrical sound design) for any number of local theatre companies—most frequently Pandora Productions and Looking for Lilith Theatre Company. When she's not making theatre or radio, she might be found making Prohibition-Era jazz with Billy Goat Strut Revue, while burlesque dancers shake what their mamas gave 'em.

When she's not making any of the previously-mentioned things, she's usually making tiny dogs shake her hand in exchange for cookies.


Arts and Humanities
3:33 pm
Fri August 24, 2012

A Look at the Louisville Orchestra's 2012-2013 Season

The Louisville Orchestra has announced its 2012-2013 season, and General Manager Lindsay Vallandingham joined WFPL's Erin Keane on Friday afternoon to talk about what's on their schedule this season. 

9:30 am
Sun August 19, 2012

Health Insurance Exchange Confounds Lawmakers

A health insurance exchange is required under the healthcare law, and will allow Kentuckians to compare and purchase insurance plans. But confusion about the exchange remains; lawmakers say information on the exchange is lacking, and want to know what the price tag will be. Kenny Colston has covered the story for WFPL and Kentucky Public Radio. He joined us on Friday's Byline to fill us in on just what we still don't know about how the exchange will work.

Local News
12:00 pm
Sat August 18, 2012

Board of Education Candidates Abound

A crowded field of candidates will be on the November ballot for the three open seats on the JCPS Board of Education. WFPL's Devin Katayama covers education news, and he joined us Friday on Byline to talk about the candidates and their chances of election.

Local News
9:00 am
Sat August 18, 2012

Ed Hart Shares New Proposal for Kentucky Kingdom

File photo

If you're heading to the Kentucky State Fair this weekend, you'll notice the gates of Kentucky Kingdom remain closed. Developer Ed Hart joined us Friday on Byline to talk about his newest proposal to re-open Kentucky Kingdom; it's a $40 million proposal with a team of supporters that reads like a who's who of the Louisville business scene.

Hart says re-opening Kentucky Kingdom would add $3 billion to Kentucky's economy.

Local News
10:25 am
Sun August 12, 2012

Chiefs Say Suburban Fire Departments Are Dangerously Underfunded

Jefferson County’s suburban fire districts—responsible for protecting nearly 187,000 homes and businesses—are tumbling toward a financial crisis that could force sweeping changes in the way the county fights fires.

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6:05 pm
Sat August 11, 2012

"Space Lawyer" is a Real Occupation

NASA Public Domain

The landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars this week had many of our thoughts on space exploration. But only one journalist was asking questions about the legal ramifications of humans in outer space. Fast Company's Neal Ungerleider brought us our favorite headline of the week with his piece, Space Lawyers: They Exist.

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Local News
11:53 am
Sat August 11, 2012

Kentucky's Ever-Changing Liquor Laws Confound Drinkers, Proprietors

Laws governing the sale of alcohol in Kentucky are already labyrinthine, and to make things more confusing, they are often in flux. It seems like one county or another in the Commonwealth is always voting on whether to be dry (no alcohol sales), wet (alcohol sales allowed), or moist (drinks can be consumed in restaurants, but package sales are prohibited). Marshall County recently held such a vote—they chose to remain a dry county—and emotions ran high on both sides.

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Local News
11:00 am
Sun August 5, 2012

Joe Sonka Reports Fundraising Trouble for Ark Encounter

In this week's LEO, Joe Sonka takes us inside the Creation Museum for a conversation with Ken Hamm, CEO of Answers in Genesis Ministry. Hamm talked about his next project, Ark Encounter, which will feature a rendition of Noah's Ark. Sonka joined us on Friday to talk about how fundraising troubles and construction delays have plagued the project, in a segment we believe is the first time dragons have been mentioned on Byline.

Local News
12:08 pm
Sat August 4, 2012

Is a Local Sales Tax Option Good for Louisville?

Mayor Fischer has been an outspoken proponent of a local sales tax option for the city. At the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting in July, he explained: 

Let’s say we want a new forensic crime lab in Louisville, costs $35 million dollars, could be public transportation, could be schools—but again they’re optional. So in other words the voters of your city, the voters of your county get to vote yes or no.

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Arts and Humanities
7:00 pm
Fri August 3, 2012

Jeffrey Lee Puckett on Music Criticism

Erin Keane WFPL News

Courier-Journal music writer Jeffrey Lee Puckett was awarded the Governor's Award in the Arts this year. On Friday's Byline, he joined WFPL's Erin Keane, and host Gabe Bullard, to talk about writing about music. He discussed what it's like to review local acts in a town where everyone knows everyone else, and revealed that his very first beat at the C-J involved bases, not basses.