Public Policy Polling’s survey results released Wednesday had some interesting findings on Kentuckians‘ attitudes on carbon pollution.

Overall, registered voters were split on their opinion of whether power plants should have to cut carbon dioxide emissions—but women, African-Americans and younger voters overwhelmingly support the limits.

The poll asked 991 respondents if they support or oppose requiring existing power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30 percent. A slim majority (44 percent) said they were in favor of the reductions, while 40 percent opposed the regulations and 16 percent weren’t sure.

Not surprisingly, Democrats were more likely to support the regulations than Republicans.

But there was also strong support among women:


And younger voters:

It’s important to note that the carbon dioxide regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency don’t require Kentucky power plants to cut emissions by 30percent; the current proposal requires only an 18 percent cut. But this data shows that even while the state’s candidates for Senate both vehemently oppose the regulations, overall, Kentuckians are split fairly evenly on the concept.

Erica Peterson is WFPL's News Director.