4:08 pm
Mon November 5, 2012

Ackerson, Provancher Trade Sharp Attack Ads in District 26

In the race for the Louisville Metro Council District 26 seat, Democratic incumbent Brent Ackerson and Republican challenger Sarah Provancher are trading jabs in the final days of the campaign.

The two candidates released a series of mailers this weekend, including attack ads that questioned each other’s qualifications.

Ackerson’s mailer asks voters: "Would you elect somone who doesn't even vote?" It alleges that Provancher has only voted in 20 percent of elections since 2006, and missed last year's gubernatorial contest altogether.

Provancher said that like most Americans she does not have a perfect voting record on each election, but she is running to improve neighborhoods and city services.

"It has nothing to do with how I would serve as a council member," she said. "What I do think this shows though is the type of person that Brent Ackerson is. That he would play these kind of petty politics in an election that is so important."

Ackerson, who has raised $90,000 in his re-election bid, previously ran ads attacking Provancher's residency, and for living in Florida and Illinois before moving to Louisville.

Ackerson did not respond to comment for this story, but told WFPL last week that these issues are important for voters to know.

In response, Provancher’s mailer focuses on Ackerson’s refusal to participate in a voluntary furlough program to help balance the city budget. The mailer asks: "Do we really want a Metro Council representative for District 26 who did not take furlough days when request by the mayor?"

Last year, Mayor Greg Fischer—who took a five-day furlough—asked city lawmakers to take the pay cut to help fill a $23 million shortfall. Several did step forward and bragged about volunteering in press released, but as reported by The Courier-Journal earlier this month, many of those same council members reneged on their promise.

Ackerson, however, did not pledge that either he or his office staff would participate in the program.

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