3:40 pm
Tue March 5, 2013

Bill Addressing Cargo Theft Dies in Kentucky Senate Committee

Legislation intended to crack down on cargo theft in Kentucky has died in the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

The measure did not receive a second when a vote was called today (Tues)

Sponsored by state representative Denver Butler of Louisville, the bill would have increased penalties for thefts of property worth more than 500-dollars.

The director of security at UPS in Louisville testified for the bill.

Steve Hamm says organized crime is targeting truckloads of valuable pharmaceuticals as they move across the country.

"Last week there was a load that I’m aware of that traveled right through the state of Kentucky.   It was cholesterol medicine.   That one load was worth $39.7 million.  That is the type of stuff that these criminal activity gangs are going after," Hamm said.   

Hamm said he doesn’t know the number of heists that have occurred in Kentucky or their value but characterized the theft of drugs as a potential threat to public health.

Former Kentucky Public Advocate Ernie Lewis spoke against the measure, calling the proposed punishments for cargo theft too harsh.