4:30 pm
Tue February 26, 2013

Bill Regulating Abortion Drug Access Clears Indiana Senate

The Indiana Senate has passed a bill that would place tougher requirements on clinics that provide only abortion-inducing drugs.    It would also require women who seek them to undergo an ultrasound exam.

The Republican-controlled chamber voted 33-16 for the measure, sponsored by Sen. Travis Holdman

"I am not active in a right-to-life organization.  Introduced this bill because (of) my own religious conviction and my respect for life and the health of women," Holdman said in a floor speech. 

Opponents such as Democrat Sen. Jean Breaux say the bill is no more than a Republican attempt to create more obstacles to a woman’s access to abortion services.

"It is nothing less than a disrespect (by) big government into the lives and bodies of Hoosier women, dictated by a majority of men in this body,"  Breaux said. 

Earlier this week the bill was amended to remove a second ultrasound that would have been required  two weeks after the drug was taken.    A doctor would still have to conduct a follow-up exam after the drugs are prescribed under the current measure, which now goes to the House.

The bill exempts physician offices from any extra regulations even if those doctors sometimes prescribe abortion pills.