3:51 pm
Mon November 5, 2012

Chandler, Barr Make Final Push For Votes in 6th Congressional District

Both the Republican and Democratic candidates in central Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District were on the road today. Republican Challenger Andy Barr rode a bus to Winchester, Irvine, Ravenna, Midway, and Georgetown.

While taking a lunch break in downtown Richmond, Barr said he has connected with voters from both political parties.

“It frankly doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, and they don’t care," Barr said. "What they want to know is what is your plan for the future. How are you going to get the American people back to work? How are you gonna’ deal with this national debt crisis? How are you going to make sure that future generations have as many opportunities as the previous generation.”

Barr says to win tomorrow, he needs the support of rural voters.

He faces incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler, who was joined by Governor Beshear and other Democrats for his bus tour through the district.

Chandler says he believes momentum is moving in his favor as the campaign for the 6th District seat enters the final hours. He kicked off seven-county bus tour through central Kentucky today with a rally at Democratic Party Headquarters in Lexington.

“We feel like this thing is very much trending in our direction and we’re extremely confident about the result tomorrow. It’s just a question of getting the vote out,” Chandler said.

Chandler and Barr are locked in a close race, a rematch of their 2010 congressional contest.