3:02 pm
Thu November 8, 2012

Coin Toss May Decide Northern Ky. Council Race

The winner of a northern Kentucky city council seat may be decided by the flip of a coin.

One of the six seats for the Walton City Council is undetermined after two people on the ballot tied for sixth place.

Robert McDonald and Olivia Ballou both received 669 votes. McDonald tells the Kentucky Enquirer that one person who feels bad about the outcome is his wife, who didn’t vote Tuesday.

Busy much of the day with family, job and school obligations, McDonald’s wife was going to attempt a last minute dash to her precinct to vote, but he told her not to worry about it, that her one vote probably would not matter.

Boone County Clerk Kenny Brown said he is seeking guidance from the state Board of Elections, but it would appear that under Kentucky law a coin toss will determine who serves in the seat. He said either candidate can also ask for a recanvass of votes.

Brown said if the Tuesday deadline passes without such a request, officials will then set a date for the coin toss.