Local News
12:26 pm
Wed November 21, 2012

Daniels Announces Hoosier Tax Credits

Indiana taxpayers will receive a $111 credit on their state income tax returns next year as the state distributes part of its budget surplus.

Gov. Mitch Daniels announced the credit today.

It will be $222 for couples filing joint returns. The credit represents the automatic taxpayer refund plan that Daniels pushed through the state legislature last year.

That refund kicked in with the state's reserves reaching about $2.1 billion. The governor's office says about $360 million will go toward the tax credits, with another $360 million to the state's pension liabilities.

Daniels says including the credit on tax returns is simpler and less expensive than mailing out checks to everyone.

"It would have cost a few million dollars to do it. I understand there may have been some political attractiveness in sending something out with somebody’s name on it but I think this is far, far better," he said.

Critics argue that Daniels created the surplus by cutting money for public schools, the child welfare agency and other important services. Daniels counters he cut overspending in many departments and agencies like the Department of Child Services are performing better than ever.