Local News
5:04 pm
Wed August 7, 2013

Fischer Orders Review of Air Pollution Control District Following Audit of Monitoring Program

Louisville Air Pollution Control District officials are awaiting the EPA’s response to a state audit that found serious problems with the district’s program for monitoring soot pollution.

The audit by the Kentucky Division for Air Quality found flaws with the district’s handling of data and other procedures going back as many as 10 years.  

The findings could potentially affect the Louisville area’s compliance with federal air quality standards.

District spokesman Tom Nord said the agency had no immediate public comment on the audit this afternoon.  

In a statement, Mayor Greg Fischer said he’s greatly troubled to learn that the data may have been compromised and that the city will take immediate corrective action.

Fischer also has ordered an independent comprehensive review of the Air Pollution Control District, including personnel and operations, to discover how the problems occurred.

Here is Mayor Greg Fischer's full statement:

“Having a clean environment, and especially clean air, is critical to create a growing and vibrant city. That’s why it troubles me greatly to learn that Louisville’s air monitoring data may have been compromised for up to the last 10 years.

“Credible and accurate data are the foundation of everything we do in city government – it’s how we make decisions and plan for the future.

“In the next 30 days, working with state and federal environmental officials, we will better understand the ramifications and scope of the air monitoring data issues. At that point, we will develop an immediate action plan to correct the problems.

“As the state and EPA continue their technical review, I have ordered a comprehensive independent review of the Air Pollution Control District, including personnel and operations to discover how this happened – and how we correct it.”