Local News
3:47 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

GE Exhibit Envisioning High-Tech Home of 2025 Coming to a Close

There are just a few days left to visit a downtown exhibit that envisions a high-tech home in the year 2025.

The illustrative panels were put together by teams of designers at General Electric’s Appliance Park.

GE Industrial designer Chris Bissig says there are many innovative ideas  highlighted in the exhibit at U of L’s Cressman Center, including a washer/dryer that turns the clean clothes into pellets for storage.

"And then as the user wants to pick out something to wear, they can actually do that on the laundry machine.  Pick out an outfit, and then it will take those pellets and actually kind of revive them back to a wrinkle-free condition so they can wear them," he said. 

Another design team envisions a kitchen counter and appliances that could be swiveled as a unit from the room for outdoor meal preparation.

Bissig says the conveniences in the exhibit are not just futuristic dreams out of the Jetsons;  they could be turned into actual prototypes.

The GE exhibit runs through Saturday at the Cressman Center at First and Main Streets.