Local News
4:59 pm
Tue November 20, 2012

Group Says Requirements for Anesthesiologist Assistants in Kentucky Are Too Strict

Kentucky should do away with its requirement that anesthesiologist assistants also be certified as primary care physicians’ assistants.

That’s what the president of the Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists told a legislative panel in Frankfort today.

Doctor Heidi Koenig is a University of Louisville physician. She says the dual requirement is a mystery to her. She compares it to how the legal profession would work if Kentucky established different tracks for lawyers.

"It’s like if you wanted to write wills and practice probate or family law, you could go to law school and do that. And then if you wanted to try a criminal, you’d have to go back to law school. That is what the PA and the AA requirement is in my mind. It’s redundant," she said.

Koenig says the requirement is preventing well-trained anesthesiologist assistants from practicing in Kentucky.