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12:22 pm
Tue December 18, 2012

How Did TV Dramas Get So Good?

Breaking Bad. Homeland. The Sopranos. Madmen. Friday Night Lights. The Walking Dead.

Chances are you've lost weeks — if not months — of your life to one of these shows. I know I have. But where on earth did they come from? Why has there been this explosion of high-quality TV dramas?

With this question in mind, I sought out the seasoned critic, Alan Sepinwall, of hitfix.com. He's written a much-discussed new book called, The Revolution was Televised. Michiko Kakutani the New York Times listed this book as one of the ten best of 2012.

Jonathan Bastian in conversation with Alan Sepinwall

So if you've been wondering how we became addicted to these shows, take a listen to the interview: