Local News
4:48 pm
Wed October 2, 2013

Indiana Ban on Deer Hunting Farms Rejected

A southern Indiana judge has thrown out the state's ban on enclosed deer hunting farms.

Harrison Circuit Judge John Evans ruled the Indiana Department of Natural Resources didn't have the authority in ban the deer farms when its former director, Kyle Hupfer, issued an emergency order doing so in 2005.

Evans issued a permanent injunction prohibiting enforcement of the DNR order. A preliminary injunction had barred it while the case was pending.

Plaintiff Rodney Bruce, who owns the Whitetail Bluff deer farm in Corydon tells the Indianapolis Star that the ruling "is like taking the handcuffs off" because it will allow him to compete with similar operations in other states.

State lawmakers have recently debated a number of proposals on the regulation of hunting enclosures, but no bills have been passed.