Local News
4:38 pm
Wed June 12, 2013

Indiana Lawmakers Override Gov. Pence's Veto

Indiana state lawmakers have overridden Gov. Mike Pence’s veto of a  tax measure.

The House and Senate both voted  today to override Pence’s veto of the bill that allows officials in Pulaski  and Jackson counties to retroactively implement a local income tax that had expired.      

Even though it was not reauthorized, the counties continued to collect the tax, which is used to fund local jails.

Pence argued that the bill amounted to a tax increase, but the measure’s author, Rep. Eric Turner, says it’s less burdensome to the taxpayer to take this step than to refund the money, pass a new tax, then collect it again.

"None of those options seemed to be very viable, and at the end of the day, we felt like local taxpayers would pay more, and that’s the reason we came up with this solution in this bill," Turner said. 

But opponents argue that it sets a dangerous precedent.

"The next thing you know, next session somebody will want to come up and say ‘you know something, my great-grandfather died six months too soon.  We have to pay all this inheritance tax.  I think we should go back six months, a year, two years and get rid of the inheritance tax for those people because it's unfair you selected the day you did’" said Democratic Rep. Patrick Bauer.

The override passed the House  68-23 , the Senate vote was 34-12.  In Indiana, a simple majority of votes is needed for a veto override.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Pence says he stands by his veto.