5:05 pm
Wed March 6, 2013

Indiana Lawmakers Urged to Increase Controls on Drugs Used in Meth-Making

Local officials from around Indiana are making a push for the legislature to require that people obtain a doctor's prescription in order to buy cold medications often used to make methamphetamine.

An Indiana House committee heard testimony today on a bill that would set tighter limits on how much ephedrine and pseudoephedrine that consumers could legally purchase, but it would not require prescriptions.

The committee chairman delayed a vote until next week on the proposal because several mayors who want to testify on the issue were unable to attend the meeting in Indianapolis due to a winter storm.

A bill Indiana Association of Cities and Towns lobbyist Justin Swanson says the organization believes the tougher measures are needed to fight meth making. He says the mayors want to describe the troubles meth causes in their communities.