1:53 pm
Mon February 4, 2013

Indiana "Right to Hunt" Proposal Advances

A proposal to amend Indiana’s constitution to guarantee residents the right to hunt, fish and farm has cleared a legislative committee.

The Senate Agriculture Committee voted 7-0 today to advance the measure, which now goes to the full Senate.

The proposal is sponsored by Republican Sen. Brent Steele, who says hunting and farming are being threatened by animal-rights activists and other groups.

"The radicalism that our nation is facing at this time (comes) from outsiders who attack these two very important what I call traditions of the state.  And I think it needs constitutional protection.  If the people don’t like it, they’ll reject it," Steele said. 

Kim Ferraro of the Hoosier Environmental Council told lawmakers that her group supports agriculture, but "there is a dark side to this industry as with every industry, there are bad actors that cause harm.   So, elevating one industry over any other, quite frankly, is dangerous." 

If the proposal clears the General Assembly this year, it will go before voters in 2014.