Local News
4:55 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Indiana Senate Amends Bill on Abortion-Inducing Drugs

The Indiana Senate has dropped a proposed requirement that doctors must try to perform two ultrasound exams on women who receive drugs to induce abortions.

In a unanimous voice vote Monday, senators changed a bill on abortion pill regulations. It now requires a doctor to conduct appropriate testing during a follow-up appointment about two weeks after prescribing the drugs. The bill still requires doctors to perform an ultrasound exam on the woman before providing the drugs.

Republican Sen. Ron Alting says he offered the change to give doctors the option to use blood or urine tests during follow up exams if they believed those were more appropriate.

Opponents have attacked the ultrasound provisions as essentially requiring a more invasive transvaginal procedure, although the bill doesn't specify that.

A vote on the bill is expected tomorrow.