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3:15 pm
Tue October 29, 2013

Kentucky Attorney General Warns of Online Health Insurance Scams

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The Kentucky Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection has some advice about how to avoid online scams related to the new federal health care law.

Spokeswoman Allison Martin says scammers typically try to take advantage whenever a major federal or state law is changed.

"Do not ever enter your personal information--if you're trying to sign up for a health care exchange--into any website that has the dot-com or dot-net address. The only legitimate health care exchanges will be located with a dot-gov address."

Martin says fraudulent web sites have been created to sell fake discount medical plans to unsuspecting consumers.

 Attorney General Jack Conway sent "cease and desist" letters this week to the operators of two bogus websites that were designed to mimic the official government website handling the health care exchanges. 

The correct website for Kentucky's health insurance exchange is kynect.ky.gov.  

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