Local News
10:00 am
Mon September 23, 2013

Kentucky's Peak Colorfall Season Approaching

What is generally considered the peak viewing period for fall foliage in Kentucky is approaching.  

Dean Henson, the manager of Big Bone Lick State Park in Boone County, says that typically happens in mid to late October, and weather conditions will help determine how colorful the leaves will become.  

“What we need really is we need the proper amount of moisture, coupled with cool evening temperatures that hover just above the freezing point.  The more brilliantly lit sunny autumn days that we have coupled with cool evening temperatures, the better and brighter the fall colors become.”

Henson, who has also worked as a naturalist, says the most vivid yellow, orange, and red colors are often found in the eastern third of the commonwealth.  

“Hickories are going to be yellow and rarely anything else.  They’re going to be yellow or shimmering yellow gold.  That’s the only pigmentation that they have in them.  On the other hand, you have maples.  Red maples, of course, are known for their scarlet coloration.  They can get really red.  Also, sourwood trees become brilliant red.”

The Kentucky Department of Travel has an online guide to the best fall foliage viewing opportunities across the state.