Local News
2:26 pm
Wed June 19, 2013

Lexington Doctor Sworn In as AMA President

A Lexington doctor has begun her term as the new president of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Ardis Lee Hoven was sworn in as the 168th president of the physicians  group at the AMA’s annual meeting this week in Chicago.

Hoven, who is an internal medicine and infectious disease specialist, will spend much of the year traveling on behalf of the AMA.

"I speak with physicians, I visit places around the country, I talk to doctors, I listen to their issues and their concerns, I service as a bridge, if you will , between the AMA and physicians in all parts of the United States," Hoven said in a phone interview. 

Hoven says a major focus of her presidency will be helping physicians who are dealing with the changes brought about by the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act.    She acknowledges the spotlight on her profession will be bright as the law is phased in.   

"That’s where we need to be," she said.   " Physicians...should be out there, we are doing this work.  The future of health care is in our hands."