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12:27 pm
Fri January 4, 2013

Is Louisville a Leader of Insourcing Jobs? The Atlantic Says Yes.

Appliance Park
Credit General Electric Pressroom

At its height, the General Electric Plant in Louisville employed 23,000 people. That was in 1973.

After that, the plant began to shrink — laying off more and more employees. Like other manufacturing giants, it followed the outsourcing trend, sending jobs overseas, and especially China.

By 2011, GE bottomed-out with less than just 1,900 jobs in the Louisville plant.

But in February of 2012, something began to change. New jobs were created. A new assembly line opened — the first since 1955.

All of this was reported in a story in the Atlantic Magazine, by Charles Fishman. It’s called, “The Insourcing Boom. ” And it began with GE bringing home a water heater — a simple appliance they’ve made for years. But as Fishman explains to WFPL’s Jonathan Bastian, that’s only the beginning of the story.

Charles Fishman