4:34 pm
Tue January 22, 2013

Massie Having "A Lot of Reservations" With Debt Ceiling Proposal

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky says he isn’t sure he can support a plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling until May, even though his party’s leaders are backing the idea.

Massie was among a group of GOP lawmakers who participated in a press conference in Washington today called “Conversations With Conservatives.”

"I’m still having a lot of reservations about raising the debt limit for three months clean.  It’s a hard thing to do and I think what the problem is, if you’re willing to raise the debt for three months unconditionally, why wouldn’t you raise it for six months unconditionally?   Or if you’ve raised it for three months unconditionally, three months from now what principles to you stand on to keep you from raising it again?" he said. 

The freshman lawmaker says if Republicans don’t put some conditions on the debt limit bill, Senate Democrats will back a plan that seeks more concessions.

Thomas Massie represents Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District.