2:51 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

Metro Council Challenger Cries Foul Over Brent Ackerson’s Mailer

In the race for the Louisville Metro Council's District 26 seat, Republican challenger Sarah Provancher is crying foul on Democratic incumbent Brent Ackerson for questioning her Louisville roots.

An Ackerson mailer being delivered to voter’s homes highlights that Ackerson is a lifelong resident who has been active in the district. It also attacks Provancher for living in Florida and Illinois before moving to the city, and points out she has lived in the district for less than two years.

Provancher says she has lived in the city for nearly a decade and bought a home in the district in May 2011, adding that the mailer shows Ackerson is desperate.

"I think it’s ridiculous, petty politics,” she said.  "It has no relation to the issues of what are city is dealing with—whether you’re a lifelong resident or not. So I think my opponent is reaching. And unfortunately this is what he’s using. And if he feels like this’ll work I think he will be pleasantly surprised that it’s actually working against him."

But Ackerson said the piece is a fair contrast, and is meant to show the difference in experience that voters need to know about.

"My opponent has lived in the district for just over a year," Ackerson said. "And that is something that I think is important. You have to look at what does a person really know about the district and what kind of involvement have they had in the district."

Provancher said she will not run any attack mailers in response, but her supporters have pointed out that Ackerson was a registered Republican until 2007, when he changed party affiliation before running for office.

The race is also notable because Ackerson has raised a hefty $88,000 for a council seat with notable contributions. State campaign finance records show Provancher has raised just over $11,000.

Ackerson's mailer also highlight his experience as well as endorsements from the police and firefighters union, but it also raised eyebrows for saying the election "isn't about Washington politics."

"My suspicion is that Obama will not carry District 26," Ackerson said. "And so because of that I want those voters to recognize that whatever their opinions are nationally, they need to examine local races on the criteria of paving roads, fixing sidewalks and improving parks. All the things that are Louisville issues and not Washington issues."

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