8:52 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

Mourdock: Donnelly Playing "Sleazy Politics"

In a new television ad airing statewide, Republican Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock is going on the offensive in response to a series of attacks from his opponent and national Democrats.

The spot slams Congressman Joe Donnelly for "sleazy politics," and escalates what has become a national race for control of the Senate. Mourdock's camp is specifically responding to tough ad put out by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that targets the GOP nominee's comments about that pregnancies resulting from rape were intended by God.

Mourdock's campaign says Donnelly and the Democrats are "twisting" his word and "attacking his faith" over the issue of abortion.


"Congressman Donnelly and his liberal allies have gone to the proverbial gutter in this election by personally attacking Richard Mourdock over his religious faith and twisting his words, it’s disgraceful,”  Mourdock spokesman Christopher Conner said in a news release.

A pair of polls released Friday show mixed results, with the Democratic survey putting Donnelly ahead by 7 points and the GOP poll showing the race is still even.

Donnelly campaign manager Paul Tencher responded to the Mourdock ad Friday afternoon, saying that voters are rejecting "Tea Party extreme positions" and that Mourdock is trying to change the subject.

"In fact, Indiana voters are responding to Joe’s message of working with both parties to get things done for middle class families. The only person playing politics in this race is Mr. Mourdock, as he tries to distract voters from his extreme views that are out of the mainstream," he says.

The bitter Senate race also surpassed funding records to become the most expensive in state history.