1:54 pm
Sun November 4, 2012

Noise and Notes: The Mourdock Interview and Recapping the Congressional Challengers

Republican Richard Mourdock is in what was considered a tight race for Indiana’s Senate seat. But a recent poll has him down by 11-points to Democrat Joe Donnelly, and observers say the race is leaning Democratic.

Before that poll was released, Mourdock was focusing on his small government policies and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, while trying to keep distance from his controversial comments about rape pregnancies. 

I talked to Mourdock about those remarks, working with the next president and why he thinks the Beghazi attack is being overlooked.

Now with two days until the election, the Mourdock campaign is shifting its messaging again by questioning the legitimacy of the polls and telling voters to ignore its results.

From The Daily Caller:

The Mourdock campaign dismissed the poll as fiction.

On a conference call, Mourdock pollster John McLaughlin bashed the Howey/DePauw as unreliable, saying that Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who conducted the poll with Republican pollster Christine Matthews, polled for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, one of Mourdock’s biggest attackers, and was therefore unreliable.

But the poll putting Donnelly up by 11 points was weighted with 45% Republicans compared to 34% Democrats and 21% independents. We also recapped our talks with the challengers in the two area congressional races, Republican Brooks Wicker in Kentucky Third Congressional District and Indiana Ninth Congressional contender Shelli Yoder.


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