Local News
4:55 pm
Wed January 29, 2014

Officials Responding to Propane Gas Shortages in Indiana, Kentucky

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says the state is working to help Hoosiers alleviate a shortage of propane gas.

Supplies of propane are running low throughout much of the country. 

In Indiana, use is high in the midst of one of the harshest winters in recent years.  That comes after a wet growing season that forced farmers to use more propane for drying grain.

"Today, I am declaring an energy emergency and suspending limitations on divisible loads for propane suppliers," Pence announced Wednesday. 

In addition to lifting hauling restrictions, Pence announced the state is adding $5 million in heating assistance for low-income residents.    Propane prices have more than doubled due to the increased demand.

The governor estimates that about 500,000 Indiana residents rely on propane to heat their homes.

Many Kentucky propane suppliers are also facing shortages.  Some are either making partial deliveries or giving customers waivers to get propane from other companies.