3:28 pm
Wed November 7, 2012

Pence Begins Transition To Indiana Governor's Office

Indiana Governor-elect Mike Pence says he’s wasting no time getting started on his transition to office.

Pence and current Governor Mitch Daniels held a press conference today to discuss the process.

The Republican congressman defeated Democrat John Gregg in the gubernatorial race.

The GOP also gained enough seats in the Indiana House on Tuesday to have supermajorities in both legislative chambers, meaning they can conduct business even if no Democrats are present.

Pence says he wants to work with lawmakers from both parties, and plans to ask the next General Assembly to approve a ten-percent income tax cut.

"I just think the next governor of Indiana’s got to make job creation job one. And I think other than making sure that we continue to pass honestly balanced budgets, the best way to get this economy moving again is to let Hoosiers keep more of their hard-earned tax dollars," he said.

Pence will take office in January.

He says his chief-of-staff, Bill Smith, will head his gubernatorial transition team.