8:20 pm
Tue January 22, 2013

Pence Pushes for Tax Cut in State of State Speech

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence used his first State of the State address to lobby for a personal income tax cut, an expansion of Indiana's school voucher system and improved vocational training.

The Republican's speech tonight didn’t reveal much new information about what he wants to accomplish. Instead, he's used it to push for a handful of priorities he's laid out since taking office last week.

The governor used three families' stories during the speech to call for an expansion of the 2011 schools overhaul, better services for veterans and new regional councils that would focus on vocational training for high school students.

Republican legislative leaders have already expressed skepticism about a 10 percent cut in the income tax rate, which would come at the expense of more school spending.

Indiana House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath says Pence’s tax cut proposal deserves a hearing, but the governor needs to make a strong case that it would truly benefit the middle class while protecting revenues for safe streets, smaller classrooms and healthier families.