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5:05 pm
Tue May 14, 2013

Preservation Louisville's New List of Endangered Properties, Successes

Shotgun houses and vacant and abandoned properties are at the top of this year’s ten most Endangered Historic Places list, compiled by Preservation Louisville.    

The group says many of the signature shotgun-style homes in Louisville’s older neighborhoods are in distress, as are other, vacant houses with historic significance.

Also on the endangered list is the Colonial Gardens building in south Louisville, the city’s corner storefronts and Lampton Baptist Church on South Fourth Street.

Preservation Louisville also has compiled a list of preservation successes.   Topping that list is the Big Four railroad bridge, now a walkway and bikeway.     Executive Director Marianne Zickuhr says it’s a reminder that historic preservation is not limited to buildings.  

"Looking at the Big Four Bridge and the fact that we had the forward thought as a community to adaptively reuse that bridge to make it something that the people and the citizens of this area can take part in, I think is amazing," she said. 

Other preservation successes on the list include the Shawnee Library and Union Station.

Metro Louisville's 2013 Top 10 Endangered Historic Places List
 1.    Vacant & Abandoned Properties: Shotgun Houses2.    Colonial Gardens3.    Mid Century Modern structures4.    Ouerbacker House5.    Corner Store Fronts6.    Roscoe Goose house7.    Lampton Baptist Church8.    Doerhorfer house9.    Historic Old Clarksville Site10.  Water Co. Block


Metro Louisville's 2013 Top 10 Preservation Successes List 


1.  Big Four Bridge2.  805 East Market St.3.  Wellspring Tonini Apartments4. 1254 Floyd Street5.  St. Bartholomew Senior Apartments 6.  2741 Main St.7.  Shawnee Library 8.  811 East Market St.9.  118 West Breckenridge   10.  Union Station-TARC