Local News
3:55 pm
Wed June 26, 2013

Rep. Guthrie Hopes Ft. Knox Cuts Can Be Offset

U.S. Rep. Brett Gurthrie says he's hopeful the military will find a replacement for the infantry brigade that will leave Ft. Knox by 2017.

Guthrie, a Republican whose second district includes the Hardin County region, says he’s been in contact with area leaders since Tuesday's announcement of personnel cuts by the Army.

"If this happens, are there other opportunities to strengthen Ft. Knox in other areas? I don't think it will replace 3,600 permanent soldiers, but there are ways to make this easier, and possibly bring some other military units on to Ft. Knox," Guthrie told WKYU Radio. 

The loss of the lone infantry brigade combat team at Ft. Knox is part of he army's overall plan to cut active-duty personnel by 80,000 people.

Guthrie says he's concerned that those in Washington making decisions on the size of the military are doing so based mostly on budget concerns, as opposed to what missions America's armed services should be asked to accomplish.