Local News
4:31 pm
Wed April 24, 2013

Rogers Blasts FAA Chief Over Airport Layoffs, Delays

Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers is criticizing the head of the Federal Aviation Administration for the layoffs of air traffic controllers and flight delays at the nation’s airports.

The Somerset Republican told Michael Huerta at an appropriations subcommittee hearing in Washington today that the furloughs took lawmakers by surprise.

Rogers says Congress never heard anything about the possibility from the FAA.

"This imperial attitude on the part of the administration--and you’re the most recent example of that imperialism--is disgusting.  And then to turn around and try to blame the difficulties in flying on the Congress, having not informed us of what you planned to do, is unacceptable," Rogers said. 

But Huerta told Rogers the administration has been warning Congress about the impact of the $85 billion budget sequester since February.  

The cuts took effect in March after Congress and President Obama failed to agree on a plan to reduce the deficit.