Local News
3:12 pm
Mon February 3, 2014

Surveillance Bill Wins Indiana House Approval

The Indiana House has approved a bill that would restrict law enforcement access to surveillance drones, GPS trackers and cell phone searches.

The measure easily won passage today by a vote of 85-11.

The legislation comes amid growing concern over the National Security Agency's access to citizens' phone and Internet records.

Under House Bill 1009, law enforcement agencies would first have to obtain court orders before using technology such as unmanned aircraft, real-time tracking devices or requesting passwords for electronic data.

But critics like Democratic Rep. Ed Delaney say the bill’s provisions could make it harder for police to do their jobs.   He says lawmakers are fighting a problem that doesn’t exist in Indiana.

"No one has claimed that our cops are over the top, that the state police are chasing people unnecessarily or the locals are.   No one has claimed that our courts are incapable of carrying out the law of the United States and this state on privacy and on search warrants.  There’s no such claim," Delaney said in a floor speech. 

The measure now goes to the Indiana Senate.