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1:48 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

U of L: Teddy Bridgewater Has Broken No NCAA Autograph Rules

The University of Louisville says it’s “comfortable” that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater violated no NCAA rules in the signing of memorabilia that was put up for sale online.

The statement comes amid an investigation of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel , who’s accused of accepting money for autographs.

ESPN reported this week that Manziel is being investigated for allegedly taking money to sign items for an autograph broker who put the memorabilia up for sale on eBay.       The payment would be a violation of NCAA rules that could cost last season’s Heisman Trophy winner his eligibility.

The same broker also put up items signed by Teddy Bridgewater on the site, but U of L says after speaking with Bridgewater, it’s “comfortable that no violation has occurred.”

School officials say they educate all their student-athletes that it’s impermissible to accept compensation for autographs or memorabilia, and they ask companies who put the items up for sale online to take them down.

Several other schools issued similar statements this week regarding player autographs, including Ohio State and South Carolina.

Teddy Bridgewater led the Cards to a 10-2 record and a Sugar Bowl victory last season, and is a candidate for next season’s Heisman Trophy.

Here's the full statement from the University of Louisville regarding the Bridgewater autographs:

“We are aware of many of the items for sale online that have been autographed by several of our student-athletes with remaining eligibility. As we are required to do by NCAA rules, we regularly review these items and send correspondence to the seller(s) requesting they remove the item for sale.

We have and continue to educate our student-athletes that it is not permissible to accept any type of compensation for their autograph or the sale of memorabilia. We have spoken with Teddy Bridgewater and we are comfortable that no violation has occurred.”