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1:16 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Understanding Hallucinations: A Conversation with Oliver Sacks

Through books like “The Mind's Eye,”  “Awakenings” and “The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat,” Oliver Sacks has achieved world-wide recognition for his work as a neurologist.

In his latest book, he examines one of the greatest mysteries of the mind: Hallucinations.

He explores this topic from medical, historical and cultural perspectives. But, as I found out, his interest in hallucinations comes from a very personal place. Throughout his life, Sacks suffered from hallucinations from the result of migraine headaches.

"Hallucinations carry a bad connotation, I think, in the public eye and the medical eye," Sacks said. "They're thought to denote schizophrenia or dementia or something awful happening, where as the vast majority are benign."

Sacks even discusses his experimentation with drugs in his 20s as a means of greater understanding the nature of Hallucinations.